Take the Stress Out of Shipping and Transportation

Utilize our freight broker services owned and operated in Gillette & Douglas, WY. We proudly serve clients throughout the continental United States. Let us help you with your next shipment.

Here at Carps Logistics, we know you want your items to be transported from point A to point B without any issues. That's why we offer professional freight broker services you can count on. Based in Gillette, WY and serving clients throughout the continental United States, we can help your next shipment arrive safely and quickly.

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Our freight transportation process

Do you need freight transportation services? Look no further than Carps Logistics for help. We follow a thorough process to ensure the swift and safe delivery of your cargo.

Here's how everything works:

  • You'll come to us with freight to move
  • We'll find reliable carriers to haul your goods
  • We'll gather all the necessary information
  • We'll schedule a timeframe for your shipment
  • We'll stay on top of the shipment during its transportation
  • We'll follow up to make sure everything went smoothly

We prioritize customer satisfaction and thorough communication to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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